Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention

For every step introduced in the leaflet, there are extensive worksheets to be filled in , in the form of a Download. On these worksheets, you can easily answer the questions, consider tips for your project, and you will already have a substantial foundation for a successful Crime Prevention project in place. With every optional step, you can include, if necessary, whichever phase of work your current project is already at.

FragenSign for questions on the worksheets
HandlungsanleitungenSign for instructions for work
HinweiseSign for important tips

  • Worksheet for Step 1
    If you still have not got an idea, what you would like to work on, or how you should start…
    Establishing and Describing the Topic (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 142 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 2
    This worksheet will help you if you have chosen an area of work, and want to tackle a problem, but you initially would like to clarify why this problem actually exists.
    Identifying the causes (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 122 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 3
    Please click here if you have already clearly outlined where the problem exists, and now want to define what you would like to change, and what your project is targeting.
    Specifying the goals (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 162 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 4
    This worksheet will help you if you know the direction you want to take (also which goals you have), however you do not yet know how to best get there.
    Developing possible solutions (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 124 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 5
    If you know which goals you are pursuing, and also how you would like to achieve them, this worksheet will help you to do the project work precisely. Allocating tasks and implementing measures.
    Constructing and Implementing the project plan (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 121 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 6
    Please click here if you want to establish whether your project is “working”.
    Reviewing the Impact (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 137 KB)

  • Worksheet for Step 7
    This worksheet will support you, when you are systematically writing up your experiences of the project, and will also be useful for coming schemes.
    Documentation and Conclusions (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 148 KB)

  • Addition
    This worksheet contains an overview table, in which you can fill out the individual steps. Here you will always have a good overview about the current situation and the task-allocation in your project.
    Plan Overview (Download)  
    (WORD-Document: 110 KB)

  • All Worksheets (Steps 1-7)
    In this document you can find all worksheets for step 1 to step 7.
    Worksheets Steps 1-7 (Download)  
    (PDF-Document: 111 KB)