Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention

Prevention of and Fight Against Crime 2007 With financial support from the Prevention of and  Fight Against Crime Programme European Commission – Directorate- General Justice, Freedom and Security
Prevention of and
Fight Against Crime 2007

With the financial support from the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union European Commission - Directorate-General Home Affairs

EU-Partner (2003-2005)


Contact: Prof. Elmar Weitekamp
Professor of Criminology Catholic University Leuven

Criminal Law and Criminology
Hooverplein 10
B - 3000 Leuven

Tel.: 0049 7071 2976139
Fax: 0049 7071 2972931
E-Mail: elmar.weitekamp@uni-tuebingen.de


Contact: Lars Rand Jensen
Superintendent of Police of Odense

Odense Polizeipräsidium / Der kriminalpräventive Rat
Hans Mules Gade 1-3
DK 5000 C

Tel.: 0045 66141448
Fax: 0045 65201529
email: odense@politi.dk

The Danish Crime Prevention Council
Ministry of Justice
Odinsvej 19
DK – 2600 Glostrup

Tel.: ++45 4344 8888
email: pm@pmo.dk


Contact: Anu Leps
The adviser in criminal politics department

Ministry of Justice of the Estonian Republic
Tonismagi 5A
Tallinn 15191

Tel.: ++3726208100
Fax: +372 6208 109
email: anu.leps@just.ee


Contact: Michel Marcus
Executive Director

European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)
38, rue Liancourt
75015 Paris

Tel.: 0033 (0) 1.406449.00
Fax: 0033 (0)
email: fesu@urbansecurity.org

Czech Republic

Contact: Lenka Ourdrednickova

Association for Probation and Mediation in Justice
Sokoloska 26
12000 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 296 180 297-8
email: insitut@spj.cz
homepage: www.spj.cz

Further European Organizations related to the Beccaria-Project:

United Kingdom

Contact: Dr. Lorraine Gamman

Design against Crime Initiative
The Innovation Centre
Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
Southhampton Row
London WC 1 B 4AP

Tel: 02075147366
email: l.gamman@csm.arts.ac.uk


Contact: Manuele Braghero
Funzionario Settore „Politiche per la Sicurezza Urbana“ della Direzione Generale della Presidenza Regione Toscana-Giunta Regionale

Regione Toscana
Via Cavour 18
50129 Firenze

Tel.: ++390 55 438 4820
Fax: ++390 55 438 4894
email: m.braghero@mail.regione.toscana.it


Contact: Dr. Gorazd Meško

Institute of Criminal Justice and Security
University of Maribor
Kotnikova 8
1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: ++ 3861 300 83 00
email: Gorazd.Mesko@fvv.uni-mb.si

Czech Republic

Contact: Radim Bureš
Deputy Director

The Crime Prevention Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Nad Stolou3,
CZ – 17034 Praha 7
Letna, the Czech Republic

Tel.: ++ 420974832255
Fax: ++ 420974833504
email: sekropk@mvcr.cz
email: bures@mcvr.cz