Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention


Practical and useful help for the planning, implementation, and reviewing of Crime Prevention Projects

  • Here you will find a leaflet with an overview as well as worksheets for every step on the route to a successful Crime Prevention Project. The leaflet gives a short and concise overview of the individual worksteps of a project and what in each case needs doing.

    7-Step-Leaflet (Download) (PDF-Document: 171 KB)
    7-Step-Leaflet in Estonian (Download) (PDF-Document: 36 KB)

The creation of the Agency was funded by AGIS 2003. With financial support from the AGIS Programme’s European Commission – Directorate General Justice and Home Affairs


What is your opinion?

Because we are striving for improvement, we would be grateful for your tips for the optimisation of the leaflet and the worksheets. What did you like about them, and what did you find less good? What would you like additionally? Please send us an E-mail at:


In perspective

In the future in addition to the worksheets, example-worksheets are planned. Here all questions regarding a fictional project will be answered, as examples. Furthermore there will be comments and continuative texts on the subject of project management.