Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention

Professional Training in Crime Prevention

The State Prevention Council of Lower Saxony / Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice plans to set up a European Beccaria Center, in order to advance the campaign for quality in crime prevention that was started in 2003. The Beccaria Center is a cooperative network with eight European partner organizations. The goal of the two-year project for the center is to enhance the professional skills of crime prevention workers by establishing a range of qualification offers for basic and further training.
The center is to help
a.)   better meet the changing demand for specialists, directors and managers as well as
b.)   increasingly standardize the training and education curricula for European crime prevention.
The central task of the Beccaria Center is to design a scientific, demand-oriented and professional range of qualification offers.
This comprises

  1. the creation and establishment of a training program as well as
  2. the development of an advanced Master's program (in-service).

The range of further training offers will be geared towards the transfer of knowledge and the improvement of professional practice. Both of these aims require the development of a modular, interdisciplinary curriculum with bilingual teaching contents that relate to the local region as well as to Europe.
Transparency and international comparability are ensured by orienting the planned Master's program to a performance point system (ECTS).
First of all, a demand analysis and a feasibility study will be carried out in the course of strategic planning. The observance of standards is ensured by checking and evaluating the quality of the course of study - also in the form of a subsequent, obligatory accreditation of the program and the system.

Summary: Beccaria-Center: Professional Training in Crime Prevention