Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention

The quality commitment of the Beccaria Online Evaluation Agency

The providers enter their data into the agency's database independently, and it is important to consider appropriate control mechanisms in order to ensure the quality of the service. After all, it is the users’ perfect right to expect that recommended evaluators, experts and institutions commit to certain quality principles. Therefore, the Beccaria team has applied the following measures.

The providers are required to supply comprehensive additional information about their services. This assures transparency for those seeking information. The quality of the providers can be checked, and it is clear who is behind what service and what qualifications can be offered. The users get the chance to draw a detailed picture of the services provided via the Online Agency. Furthermore, the providers commit themselves to upholding the following Beccaria principles, which assure that a certain quality is met by each provider who joins the agency.

Quality Control:

The providers systematically check the effectiveness and efficiency of their own services on a regular basis.


The providers are prepared to give additional information about themselves and their services on request. This will provide transparency to those seeking information and underline the quality of the information provided. Detailed information on the provider is essential for the users to judge whether the provider actually offers what they are seeking. This encompasses transparency on:
  • The provider, profile, legal form
  • the organisation behind an online offer for evaluation, whether a research institute, university etc.
  • the services provided
  • support in planning, implementation and evaluation of crime prevention projects
  • scientific support
  • evaluation
  • advice on evaluation
  • purpose (specifications concerning purpose and objectives may also be required for legal aspects, such as liability)
  • specific target groups


The provider’s own website is user-friendly in terms of navigation and design. The website contains no barriers that prevent users from browsing the entire website. The provider's personnel can be contacted via mail, telephone, e-mail or personally and are prepared to answer questions.

Up-to-dateness of the supplied information

Services and information are regularly checked to make sure they are up to date at all times.


All information provided on the Internet is factual, comprehensive and precise.


The information is provided in an appropriate fashion in order to reach the target group. The application of these measures ensures a minimum quality for services of the Online Agency.