Qualitätsmanagement in der Kriminalprävention


The databank is basically open to all providers of evaluation and project-support services. However the colleagues of the Beccaria Project reserve the right to make their own assessment of the registration.

What is needed to register?

  1. You enter your data and details in the contact form and send the registration off. (Click the button).
  2. Registration obliges you to adhere to our quality commitments.
  3. Your data and details will be checked by the Beccaria Project. If your project is suitable, you will be connected online. Your registration will be accessible on the internet under www.beccaria.de.
  4. You will then receive an email with Login and Password, so that you can change your project details if necessary, or cancel your registration.
  5. If your project corresponds to a client’s search criteria, your data will be displayed. The client can immediately directly contact you.

You can register here:

With problems or questions please email


How can I update/cancel my entry?

Here you can update or also cancel your details using the Login and Password sent to you.

The Beccaria – Evaluation Agency considers its offer as a “learning project”. The brokering of contacts between crime prevention practitioners and evaluators is therefore just a first step. We would like to develop and provide further offers, which support the quality management of your work. If you have suggestions, please send an email to



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